How to Claim

Claiming a EuroDreams prize is simple, but the exact procedure to follow does depend on a few factors - whether you played in-store or online, the country in which you purchased your ticket, and how much you won.

Here is more information on how to claim EuroDreams prizes if you played in Ireland.

Claim Period

You have 90 days to come forward and claim any prizes won in Ireland, regardless of the value.

How to Claim as an Online Player

For prizes up to €99, your winnings will be transferred automatically to your online account. You don’t need to do anything apart from log in to check whether your funds have been topped up.

If you win up to €500, prizes will be transferred as an e-payment back to the card linked to your account. Failing that, a cheque will be issued. Any other non-annuity prizes above €500 will require you to complete a claim form before a cheque is sent out to you.

If you win one of the two annuity prizes, you will receive instructions by email for what to do. To start, contact the Irish Lottery by calling the Claims Department on 1800 666 222. Arrangements can then be made for you to visit Lottery HQ in Dublin to claim the prize. There’s more information below about what happens at this stage.

How to Claim if You Played at a Retailer

There are various ways to claim prizes if you have bought your winning ticket from a shop. For prizes up to €100, the easiest method is probably just to take your ticket back to an authorised lottery retailer. Hand it in and you will receive your cash straight away.

Larger amounts may also be paid out by retailers (at the agent’s discretion), but you may have to claim in another way. Prizes of up to €2,500 can be claimed from prize claim centre agents (An Post Offices nationwide) or from the Irish Lottery’s Dublin Headquarters.

Alternatively, you can claim any prize from tier three to tier six by mail. You should sign the back of your ticket and send it by post to the following address:

Flag of Ireland

The National Lottery
Abbey Street Lower,
D01 Y1X2

The top two prizes can only be claimed in person from the Irish Lottery’s Dublin Headquarters, so you’ll have to contact the Claims Department on 1800 666 222 to start the process. When you visit Dublin HQ, you will meet with a representative of the lottery to validate your claim, and also sign an annuity contract. You will have to provide relevant documentation, including your birth certificate or a copy of a full passport, proof of residency in Ireland, and proof of personal public service number (PPSN).

Lost and Damaged Tickets

If you buy your ticket from a retailer, remember that it is your only proof that you have entered that particular draw. It’s a good idea to sign the back of your ticket in case it gets lost, as it would prevent someone else from being able to use it to claim a prize.

If you have a winning ticket that has been damaged and is not being scanned, you should post it in for validation and provide details about where and when you bought it. The Irish Lottery will review your case and could still pay out the full prize, or they may just refund you the price of the ticket.

How to Claim if You Played Abroad

If you played in one of the other participating countries where you do not live, you will not be able to claim a prize back in Ireland. All prizes need to be claimed in the same country where the winning ticket was purchased.

The claim deadlines for each participating country are shown below. If you have already returned home and are not planning another trip, the best option may be to mail in your winning ticket or contact the relevant national lottery by email.

Country Claim Period
Austria 3 years
Belgium 20 weeks
France 60 days
Ireland 90 days
Luxembourg 60 days
Portugal 90 days
Spain 3 months
Switzerland 180 days