The EuroDreams lottery offers annuity-style prizes to players across Europe. Win the jackpot and you’ll be rewarded with €20,000 every month for 30 years.

EuroDreams launched in November 2023 and is currently available in eight European countries. Draws take place twice a week.

If you dream of winning a prize that keeps on giving, EuroDreams might make your wish come true!

Latest Draw
Thursday 18 July 2024
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  • 22
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  • 31
  • 38
  • 40
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How do you play EuroDreams?

Pick six main numbers between 1 and 40, plus one Dream Number from 1 to 5. Get a random selection if you prefer to play quickly, then just pay for your tickets in time for the next draw.

Players Guide
How does EuroDreams work?

EuroDreams is an annuity lottery which offers the prizes in the first two categories as a monthly payout over a number of years rather than the full lump sum amount in one go.

EuroDreams FAQs
What is the prize for EuroDreams?

Match all the numbers and you win €20,000 a month for 30 years. Even if you don’t get the Dream Number, you can win the second-tier prize of €2,000 a month for five years.

Odds & Prizes
€20,000 A Month
For 30 Years
  • 0d
  • 0h
  • 0m
  • 0s

Participating EuroDreams Countries

You can buy tickets for EuroDreams throughout many parts of Western Europe. Currently there are eight participating countries across Europe. The participating countries are:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
Image of the EuroDreams countries
Draw Days and Times

EuroDreams draws are held on Monday and Thursday nights in Paris, at approximately 21:00 local time.

Game Launched

EuroDreams was introduced in November 2023, becoming Europe's first multinational annuity lottery.

Ticket Price

It costs €2.50 to play EuroDreams and give yourself a chance to win in one of the game's six prize categories.

How do annuity lotteries work?

Annuity lotteries offer a different prize structure to traditional draw games, with regular payments over a long period of time instead of a big one-off jackpot. This provides a guaranteed income and a bright financial future for yourself and your family – there’s no chance of spending the lot all at once as another payment will soon be on the way.

Annuity lotteries have been offered around the world for years and are now becoming popular in Europe. In EuroDreams, you are covered for 30 years if you win the jackpot, and five if you get the second prize. There are also four other tiers which offer smaller prizes.